Objectwiz : FAQ, Is Objectwiz JEE6 compatible ?

Is Objectwiz JEE5 compatible ?


Nevertheless, it may be possible to make a JEE5 version of it.

Is Objectwiz JEE6 compatible ?


Can I secure the access to Objectwiz ?


You just need to restrict access to the Objectwiz page in the same way that you would do it for other pages of your web application.

See the documentation on your JEE6 server.

Can I get help to install Objectwiz in my application ?


There is a mailing list for this. Your question will be answered by a member of the community.

Go to the community page of this website to get the address.

Can I customize Objectwiz ?


You can do the following:
  • specify which methods you want to make available in Objectwiz using the @MethodVisibility annotation
  • specify a more friendly display for a method than its bare signature using the @MethodFriendlyDescription annotation
  • override the toString() methods of your entity beans
  • define which attributes can be edited with an html WYSIWYG editor
You can put html tags in the Objectwiz annotations attributes and in the toString() methods they will not be escaped.

Can I get some commercial support ?


Objectwiz is a very handy tool for administrators, nothing more.

If you are having trouble installing or using Objectwiz you can ask your question to the users mailing list (see the 'community' page on this website).

If you need a new feature you can also ask on the users mailing list to add it to the roadmap.

Objectwiz is free ?


Objectwiz is open-source (GPL license). 

There is no trial period, no limit in the number of users, ...

Who is behind the project ?

The project was started by Tekliko, a French company based in Paris and Toronto.

The most active developers work at Tekliko.

Objectwiz also receives some funding from the French ministry of research and innovation.

Why was the project started ?

The project was started at Tekliko when the team realized that the tools they were using to administer the applications of their clients were very poor.

Indeed, none of these options were satisfying: 
  • spend days building a dedicated user interface for the administrators: no time for this
  • connect directly to the SQL database: too risky, you do not have access to your session beans method, you loose the object oriented vision of the datamodel

What are the technologies used ?

The user interface is dynamically created with PrimeFaces components.

Some Apache and Google utility librairies are also used (e.g. commons-collections, commons-beanutils, commons-lang, com.google.guava)

These libraries should be added to your application for Objectwiz to execute correctly (see the user documentation for details).

Which JEE servers are supported ?

Objectwiz was tested on jboss-AS7 and jboss-EAP6 servers.

Nevertheless, because it only makes use of JEE6 standards, it should work on any JEE6 server.

Why are dataset presented with only one toString() column ?

Relying on the toString() method gives the administrator more control on the data to display and it also takes out some complexity from Objectwiz in particular the handling of inheritance.

Can I get a html WYSIWYG editor for some attributes ?


By default String attributes are edited in an inpuTextArea but you can ask Objectwiz to display a WYSIWYG editor instead. 

Simply add the following annotation on the getter method: 

2013-04-18 - Objectwiz 1.1 released